Weekend Read

Say goodbye to squint, pinch & zoom.

Intro iPhone

Read screenplays on your iPhone.

Open a screenplay PDF on your iPhone, change the font and text size, and actually be able to see what you're reading.

Here's what else Weekend Read can open:


Impossible to read on the small screen until now.


Read your script straight from Highland 2.

Final Draft

A better reader for FDX.


Perfect for outlines or notes.

Plain text

Weekend Read makes plain text look great.

On your iPad too

Weekend Read supports iPad both inportrait and landscape orientations.


Your documents. Your way.

Weekend Read’s options put you in control of the reading experience.

Reader options

Always find something good to read.

Looking for something new to read? For Your Consideration is a curated collection of screenplays and books ready to download and add to your library with a tap.

With titles from Project Gutenberg, the John August Library and current awards season screenplays, there’s sure to be something for you.


Easy Importing

Weekend Read's multiple import options make it easy to keep your reading collected in one place.

Importing iPhone

Quickly add files from your Dropbox account.

Import Dropbox

Download and add files from a URL copied to your clipboard.

Import URL
Email & Apps

Add files from email or any app that has an “Open in” option.

Open in Weekend Read
For Your Consideration

Always find something new to read.

Import FYC
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Weekend Read

Read screenplays on your iPhone. Right now.