Highland - The better way to write a screenplay.

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Distraction-free screenwriting.

Designed by the team led by screenwriter John August, Highland is the award-winning screenplay editor that lets you focus on the words, not margins.

Highland has changed my entire way of working with scripts. Now that I know my screenplays and TV scripts aren't trapped in one particular software's format, I have the flexibility to use the tools I need for the particular part of the process. I use it every day.

— David Wain
Writer/Director/EP of Childrens Hospital

It is a great environment to write your next film in with an attractive price tag, but also a powerhouse of features that will help you shine in the screenwriting business.

— Mac AppStorm (9/10)

2013 Eddy Award Winner

Certainly for those in the film industry, this app is more than worth its price.

— Macworld

Beautifully designed to
keep you writing.

The ultimate plain text screenwriting experience.

You write. Highland handles the formatting. Along the way Highland turns your words into a perfectly-formatted screenplay, ready for export as an FDX or PDF.

Quickly toggle between your text and your screenplay preview with ⌘-E, seeing your work in progress without your hands ever leaving the keyboard.

You'll love working in an editor designed for writing, not for mimicking a printed page.

Fountain & Highland:
A match made in Hollywood

Highland is designed around Fountain, the easy-to-read, easy-to-write syntax for writing screenplays in plain text.

Fountain text


Always readable by any text editor



Ready to be exported to PDF or FDX

Fountain document icon

Future-proof screenwriting

Fountain screenplays are simply text files. They’re never locked in proprietary file formats or dependent on obsolete software.

A screenplay written in Fountain will always be readable in any text editor, freeing you to write anywhere and on any device. It's as easy as writing an email. And Highland comes with a built-in Fountain cheat sheet if you ever need a hand.

Learn more about Fountain at fountain.io

Notes you'll actually use

Fountain notes live inside double brackets [[ ]] inline with your text. Hit ⌘-Y to quickly create a note in Highland. You'll never miss a reminder, or lose an idea behind a tiny icon.

Fountain cheat sheet

This qualifies as Movie Magic.

Convert Final Draft and screenplay PDFs to editable text.

See Highland's PDF melting in action


Highland melts PDFs. No longer are screenplays trapped in uneditable PDF files. Highland turns PDFs into .fdx files or versatile Fountain documents.

Native to Final Draft

Highland works with Final Draft. Highland makes collaboration simple by quickly turning .fdx files into PDFs, or plain text Fountain files that anyone can edit.

Highland's native format

Highland speaks Fountain. With Highland, you can create a perfectly formatted screenplay PDF. Or use Highland to create an .fdx file.

Features at a glance

PDF Melting

At last, screenplay PDFs are no longer frozen in carbonite. It's magic.

File translation

Highland is perfect for translating files between Fountain, Final Draft, and PDF formats.

Standards leading

Created by the same team that helped forge the Fountain standard, Highland speaks Fountain fluently.

Great Typography

Highland features Courier Prime and Highland Sans, for exceptional typography right out of the box.

Fountain cheat sheet

Basic Fountain syntax is always at your fingertips.

Page jumper

Highland calculates pagination on the fly, allowing you to jump to a place in your text instantly.

Dark mode

Late night inspiration without the late night eye-strain.

Extreme compatibility

Highland's native file format is Fountain, readable by any text editor. Even your grandmother could open it.

Full screen mode

The ultimate distraction-free screenwriting experience.

Retina ready

Highland's simplicity is even sharper on retina displays.

Editor & Print options

Customize font, text size, colors, margins and more.

Syntax highlighting

Highland denotes sections, synopses, notes, text formatting and more beautifully.

Handy markers

Place a marker with Control-M. Jump between markers with Control-option-m. Great for quickly jumping between important sections of your screenplay.

Easy uppercase

Shift-return transforms a line to uppercase—perfect for scene headings and character slugs.

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