Privacy Policy

Why We Collect Information

We want Highland to be the best it can be, and to do that we need to understand how people are using our app. We collect statistical information on how you use Highland so we know what features people are using and where to focus our energies.

Information We Collect

  • When the app is launched, we collect the version number of Highland and macOS.
  • When a document is saved, we collect the file type (Fountain or Markdown) and the template that is being used (Screenplay, Novel, etc).
  • When a WriteSprint is completed, we collect the duration of the sprint and the number of words written.
  • In the event of a crash, users are given the option to send us a crash log reporting the state of machine when the crash occurred. This is hugely helpful for us, but optional.

Information We Do Not Collect

We do not collect any personally identifiable information, or any of the contents of your documents. In the case of word counts, we calculate the word count locally on your machine and only transmit the number -- not the words.

Privacy FAQs

I signed up for the beta using my email address. Do you link my email address with the information you collect?
No. Highland silos the information it collects and we do not connect the information we collect with any emails we may have.
Do you share information you collect with any third parties?
Do you collect file names or the contents of the scratchpad?
No. Nothing you write is collected by us.


If you have notes or questions about our privacy policy, please let us know.