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Highland makes writing easier. Its purpose-built tools help you stay organized and focused.


Highland 2 is intuitive and robust. It has everything that I like about other programs, but through some strange alchemy makes the writing flow better. It really helps me put formatting in the background and get on to the good stuff.



Industry-standard book submissions

Like screenplays, manuscripts have standardized formatting, with lines double-spaced and paragraphs indented.

Many novelists simply type in this layout in Word, but it’s not particularly efficient. You can’t see multiple paragraphs at once, which makes it hard to get a sense of the flow.

Wait, did I say “suddenly” ten lines back?

In Highland, you’re writing single-space in regular non-intended chunks, just like an email.

Only when you preview do you see the manuscript formatting. You’ve got your choice of Courier Prime or Times.

That’s it. That’s all you need.


Organized and Focused

Highland's tools are designed for the way you work.

Sprints & Goals

Sprints & Goals

Set and track focused writing sessions with Sprints. Enter your desired time and go.

Set goals for total words and pages or new words and pages. Handy for daily writing goals.

Document Stats


As you write, stay updated with page count, reading time, words and characters.

You can see both the total words and characters in the document, and how many you currently have selected.

Headers & Footers

Headers & Footers

It's easy to customize the header or footer of your document to fit your needs.

In addition to the title, options include: current page number, number of pages, current section title, alignment, or turn them off completely.

Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad

A single panel to make notes outside of the document. Unlike the Bin, it’s a single block of text.

Treat it like a blank sheet of paper, just off to the side.

Every little detail of Highland 2 feels like it’s been organically designed from the minds of actual writers.

Include Files

Writing a book with separate files for each chapter could be done using any app. But Highland makes it much easier thanks to a little bit of magic.

Include Files

When you drag a text file into a Highland 2 document, it creates an {{INCLUDE}}.

It’s not importing the text itself, but rather a secure bookmark to the original file.

Then, whenever you preview the document, Highland finds the original file and includes that text.

Here’s why using {{INCLUDE}} is so useful.

It keeps you from endlessly tweaking earlier chapters.
Start your day’s work with the next thing you’re writing, not second-guessing what you wrote before.
It’s not creating a copy of the text.
If you {{INCLUDE}} a chapter then make a change in the original file, that change will show up the next time you preview your document. The original chapter file is still the “real” version.
You can quickly get an overview.
How long is the book so far? It can be hard to tell. But it’s easy to check the assembly to see that you’ve spent 60 pages away from a major character.

Highland takes a lot of weird neurotic stress out of writing (for me at least) because it enables a minimalistic approach to the actual process. I’m not worried about page counts or margins. I’m not worried about a screen full of buttons that I don’t understand the use for. I’m just worried about words. And, I mean, also existential dread if we’re being honest -- but that’s neither Highland’s fault nor its responsibility to solve.

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