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Highland is used everyday for novels, comic books, school papers and blog posts.

For Everything

I write exclusively in Highland. Five screenplays, three books, countless articles and blog posts. Highland is designed for the way writers actually work because I actually work in it for hours every day.

John August Writer of Big Fish, Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride. Creator of Highland 2
Beyond Screenplays

Beyond Screenplays

Highland is for everything you write.

Final Draft and other screenwriting apps are so screenplay-specific that it’s awkward to use them for treatments, outlines or other documents.

Highland's broad-range of PDF templates keep you focused on writing, not worrying about formatting.

Power and Simplicity

Highland's tools are designed for the way you work.


[[Useful]] Notes

Highland’s notes live inside double brackets [[  ]] inline with your text.

Never miss a reminder or lose an idea hidden behind a tiny icon.

Export to...

Export To...

In Highland, the words really do come first. You're never trapped in a format.

Export your document to PDF, Markdown, HTML, .textbundle, .rtf, .fdr, .fdx, and plain text.

Word Analysis

Word Analysis

Check for consistency and avoid repetition.

Analyize and mark unique words in a variety of ways, including: those not in the dictionary, or words only used once.

Featured PDF Templates

In addition to Screenplay, Highland Basic includes the following templates:

MLA Format

The common format for most college-level writing.

Modern Standard

A clean, contemporary format useful for a wide range of documents.


The industry standard for book submissions.

I highly recommend Highland 2 for students and professionals alike, whether you’re a filmmaker, blogger, or writer. This app should be your go-to for creative writing, no matter the story you’re trying to tell.

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