We’re adding a ton of exciting new features to the next major update of Highland. We’re looking for great users to try it out.

Highland 2 is great for screenwriting — but it’s also great for all writers.

Whether you write articles or reports, blog posts or novels, we’d love for you to try out Highland 2.

Highland 2 Beta requires OS X El Capitan (10.11).

This truly is a beta; things will break. The good news is that the stable version of Highland is always on the App Store. You can have both the beta and the App Store version installed at the same time.

We'll be adding a few new testers each week, so we likely won't get to everyone. But we definitely need a variety of users who can test the new version out in the wild, because a lot has changed under the hood.

If you'd like to join the beta, you can sign up here:

Do you currently use Highland?
Do you write screenplays/teleplays?
Do you write blog posts, articles, reports and/or novels?