By default, Weekend Read stores all your documents locally on your device. Unlocked versions of the app have the option to enable iCloud syncing in the settings. Files synced with iCloud never pass through our servers, and we never have access to your files.

If Weekend Read crashes—which hopefully isn't often—users have the option to send us crash reports. These reports may include information about your files. Sending these reports is optional.

Weekend Read periodically sends its developers information about:

  • File types (Fountain, PDF, etc)
  • How many files are in your Library
  • Parts of the interface you used

We use this data to figure out how people are using the app. For example, if many users are trying to open a file format we don't currently support, we may figure out how to support it. If users rarely use a certain typeface, we may replace it in a future build.

Weekend Read doesn't report the names of the files you're reading, or how much you read, or where files came from. That's your business.