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What does FDX stand for?

FDX is the file format used by Final Draft 8. It's based on XML, a common interchange format. The files have an .fdx at the end.

What devices does FDX Reader support?

FDX Reader works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. If your device runs iOS 4.3 or later, it'll work.

Is this the Final Draft Mobile app?

Nope. We're not related to Final Draft in any way. We can just read their files, the same way many apps handle Microsoft Word and Excel files. You can visit Final Draft's site to find out more about their software.

How is FDX Reader better than a PDF?

It's not.

Wait. What?

PDFs show what you'd get on a printed page. Sometimes, that's exactly what you want. There are already several great PDF readers for the iPad, including iBooks and Good Reader.

For screenwriters, PDFs have two big limitations:

  1. You don't always have a PDF. If you're a writer working on a draft, you're unlikely to always be exporting a pdf. FDX Reader lets you open the file itself -- from Mail, from Dropbox, or iTunes.
  2. PDFs are set in stone. That means you can't change the text size. You can't read in landscape mode without a lot of pinching-and-zooming. FDX Reader works like Kindle or iBooks, letting you pick a layout that works for you.

Can I open older Final Draft files, ones that end with fdr?

Not directly. If you have Final Draft 8, you can use that to open and save those files as .fdx files.

Does FDX Reader support all of Final Draft's templates?

No. We only support the screenplay and teleplay templates. We don't support other options, such as graphic novels or stage plays. (You can open these files on FDX Reader, but they're not going to be formatted with the appropriate margins.)

Users have reported problems with the BBC templates that are designed for A4 paper. We think A4 paper is awesome and have nothing against it. Until we get it working right, those scripts might look janky on FDX Reader.

Do you support Movie Magic Screenwriter files? Or Celtx?

We don't currently support either format.

Can I write a screenplay using FDX Reader?

No. FDX Reader is just for reading. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Can FDX Reader overwrite or otherwise damage my script file?

No. FDX Reader only reads, never writes. There are a thousand good reasons for backing up your script, but this app isn't one of them.

Where's my title page?

In the reader view, tap the title and you'll see your title page info.

In the reader view, tap the title and you'll see your title page info.

How do I delete a script?

In the Library, swipe across the title of the script from left to right. You'll get a Delete button.

In the Library, swipe across the title of the script from left to right. You'll get a Delete button.

Does FDX Reader show scene numbers?

If you have scene numbers in your file, we show them.

Yes. If you have scene numbers in your file, we show them.

Does FDX Reader show revision marks?

It doesn't.

How about page breaks?

Act breaks in FDX Reader

If you have forced page breaks -- for example, at an act break in a TV script -- FDX Reader will honor it. In fact, we'll show a dot in the page selector to indicate it. That's a handy way to jump from act to act in a TV script.

Why don't the pages in FDX Reader match up to what I see in Final Draft?

Final Draft files don't store page numbers, so we calculate page breaks and page numbers when you first open the file. In most cases, our math lines up with Final Draft's -- but not always.

If you've ever moved a Final Draft file from the Mac to the PC (or vice-versa), you'll recognize that page numbers often fluctuate. In situations where you need exact match for page numbers, you're going to be happier with a PDF.

Why does FDX Reader include the screenplay for Big Fish?

FDX Reader was developed by John August, the screenwriter of Big Fish. He controls the publishing rights for the screenplay, so it was handy to include as a sample script.

Can I delete Big Fish and Secret Instructions?


How many scripts can I hold in the Library?

We haven't encountered a limit. So, a lot.

How do I report a bug, or suggest a feature?

Send us a tweet @qapps, an email support@quoteunquoteapps.com, or use the handy form at the bottom of this page.

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I'm reviewing FDX Reader for a publication. Do you have any press images?

Sure! Find our press kit here.

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