Less IMDb - The goodness of IMDb, with less clutter.

LessIMDb on the Mac LessIMDb on the Mac

Less IMDb is a Safari extension that rearranges IMDb’s layout to emphasize credits and reduce clutter.

It puts the cast up top. It puts the cast up top.

For movies and TV shows, it puts the cast up top.

It puts the cast up top. It puts the cast up top.

For people, it puts their credits front and center.


A quick and easy guide to installing Less IMDb

Install Now

Double-click the file (less-imdb.safariextz) that just downloaded.

Installation Step One

Click Install. You’re done.

If you get this message box...

Installation Step One

...you'll need to turn on Safari Extensions.

Go to Safari > Preferences and choose Extensions. Switch it to "On."

Installation Step One

Now double-click the file (less-imdb.safariextz) and install.


How does it work?

Less IMDb reads and rearranges name and title pages. We don't change any of the underlying data, so if you ever want to see the full page, just switch Less IMDb off.

It's installed, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Less IMDb only changes name and profile pages that use IMDb's new layout. If you changed your preferences in IMDb to keep using the old layout, switch back to the new one.

Does Less IMDb work on IMDb Pro?

Nope. IMDb Pro uses a different layout.

Does Less IMDb work on uk.imdb?

Yes! Be sure Less IMDb is updated to 1.0.7 or higher.

Does Less IMDb work on iPhones and iPads?

Nope. There's not an extension system for the iOS version of Safari. But IMDb has a free app that might serve your needs.

Is LessIMDb still supported?

Not really. We have, however, made the source code for both the Safari and Chrome extensions available under the MIT open-source license.

You can download them here.