What's New

In addition to fixing a few bugs, Highland 2.6 adds four great new features.


Need to add an aside, or cite your research? Highland 2.6 makes it a snap. Not only do your notes automatically number themselves, they even link in the PDF.

For simple endnotes, use the Format > Insert Endnote menu command, or just wrap your text in double parentheses.

a dish prepared with Jerusalem artichokes.((Jerusalem artichokes are in fact not artichokes at all, but the root of a sunflower species.))

Highland 2.6 also supports reference notes, which can be accessed through Format > Insert Reference Note...

Reference notes have two parts: a label and a value.

Arrival’s approach to alien language incorporates aspects of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.[^whorf]

[^whorf]: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/does-century-old-linguistic-hypothesis-center-film-arrival-have-any-merit-180961284/

Multiple reference notes can link to the same value. That’s handy if you’re citing one source multiple times.

You can mix-and-match simple and reference endnotes. Highland 2.6 will keep numbering them sequentially.

By default, endnotes appear at the very end of your document, but you can use the {{ENDNOTES}} directive to have them appear somewhere else, or under a specific header.


  1. Jerusalem artichokes are in fact not artichokes at all, but the root of a sunflower︎ species.↩︎
  2. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/does-century-old-linguistic-hypothesis-center-film-arrival-have-any-merit-180961284/ ↩︎


Making a list? Checking it twice? Highland 2.6 makes that easier.

Brackets with an empty space [ ] at the start of a line become an empty checklist box. Put an x in to check it off [x].

[ ] Apples
[ ] Bananas
[x] Carrots

This syntax also works for bullet lists and number lists.

- [ ] item one
- [ ] item two
- [x] item three

Title Page Images

We’ve tweaked how images work on title pages so that it’s easier to add a custom graphic or logo. Simply drag the image into your document.

Images are always centered, but you can choose to place them at the top, middle, or bottom of the title page with the following syntax.

TC: ![image](url)
CC: ![image](url)
BC: ![image](url)

Here’s an example of a screenplay title page using a custom graphic in lieu of the title.

TITLE: ![Go](go-logo.png)
CREDIT: written by
AUTHOR: John August
DATE: 1/1/1997

Watermarks [PRO]

Need to add a simple watermark to your document? Choose Format > Insert Watermark.

The syntax is straightforward: {{WATERMARK: Your text}}

To turn it off use {{WATERMARK: %none}}

For more advanced watermarking, check out Bronson Watermarker PDF in the Mac App Store.